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Our law practice concentrates on serving the diverse legal needs of landlords, property managers and investors in real estate.  Our client base has well over six million square feet under management.  Because their portfolios are geographically diverse, we practice throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. All matters in our office are handled personally by Carl Schmitt or Tom Dillon, each of whom have over twenty four years of experience in the practice of law.  We offer competitive rates on an contingent, hourly, or hybrid arrangement. We work with our clients as if we are in-house counselfrom being readily available to answer simple questions to handling their most complex matters.   




        Notices to Quit and Summary Process Evictions are sometimes required to resolve the accounts of troublesome tenants who are unable or unwilling to respond to your default notices.  While the commencement of the eviction process may prompt some tenants to cure the problem, others persist in default. We bring your case through the court system to obtain a Judgment and Execution for rent and possession of the premises.  We pursue unpaid rent and, if necessary, coordinate a physical eviction.  We give you experienced, cost effective, relentless representation.



Tenants who break their leases or skip out on rent can be made to pay.  While prompt and forceful collection efforts are important, rogue tenants can be pursued in collection at any time during the six year statute of limitations.  Our collection efforts can help you clean up unpaid tenant ledgers and boost your bottom line. 

The unanticipated


While unpaid rent is probably the most common issue our clients face, we have experience in a broad range of issues that owners and managers of investment properties face, including:


CAM and other additional rent charge disputes,


Tenants in Bankruptcy,

Vendor and 3rd party contract disputes,


Insurance claim and coverage issues, and


Eminent Domain and interaction with state and local



Leases and Transactional Work


            A carefully crafted document can be your best protection.  We assist clients in the purchase, sale, and leasing of their properties.  Because we litigate lease and contract disputes, our transaction work is informed by how judges will interpret and apply contractual provisions and what will really protect you if a dispute arises.




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